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What are the Different Types of Hair Extension?

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There are many different types of hair extension on the market. Whilst there are obvious differences in colour, length and the number of strands, one of the key differences is how they attach to your natural hair. Three of the most popular types of hair extension are clip in, pre-bonded and micro loop.

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are made from strands of hair with clips attached to the base of the extension that you can attach to your hair. These are easy to apply yourself as all you need to do is clip them on to the base of your natural hair. These are a great temporary solution that allows you to add more length, volume or highlights to your natural hair.

Clip in hair extensions are not a permanent hair extension solution but are great if you want to achieve a new look within minutes which makes them a popular choice with people who like experimenting with new looks. Take a look at our full range of clip in hair extensions here.

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions are a more permanent type of hair extension. These are attached to your natural hair by using a safe bonding agent called keratin. The keratin is heated with a heat gun and binds the extension to your natural hair. Make sure you buy good quality pre-bonded extensions to minimize the risk of damaging your hair. These are good value for money as they last for a number of months and are relatively inexpensive. Take a look at our full range of pre-bonded hair extensions here.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

These are another popular, long term hair extension. These are the safest sort of extension for your natural hair as they do not require an adhesive to secure them to your natural hair. If these are well maintained they can last for six months. They are applied to the hair by threading your natural hair through small loops with some micro loop pliers. This is then clamped shut and offers a highly secure solution. Take a look at our full range of micro loop hair extensions here.

We offer all these types of hair extension in our store, please take a look and choose the ones that are right for you.

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What tools do you need to apply micro loop hair extensions?

More and more women are now buying micro loop hair extensions. There are a number of benefits to Micro Loops which has greatly increased their popularity in recent years. Firstly, they are very easy to apply and remove, and they also provide a safer option for your scalp as they don’t rely on tape or glue. The small size of the micro loops allow you to attach the extension in areas which could not previously be reached and they last for a number of months before they need adjusting, which makes them a popular long-term solution. Although you can easily to apply and remove micro loops with a set of pliers, you still need to take care when applying them yourself. If you apply a micro loop that is not clamped tightly then the hair extensions may fall out.

Below we’ve written a guide on how to attach your own micro loop hair extensions.

Continue reading What tools do you need to apply micro loop hair extensions?

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Why is my hair wavy and how can I make it straight?

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Many people want their hair to be straight but don’t wish to use chemical or heat straighteners. Below are some of the reasons why your hair may be wavy and some of the alternative ways you can try at home to help make your hair straight. These are especially useful if you’re wearing micro loop hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions. Continue reading Why is my hair wavy and how can I make it straight?

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Why do you lose hair when washing it?

Many people find that they lose hair from their head when they wash their hair. Losing a few hairs a day is normal but if you’re losing a lot more than this you might be doing something wrong. Below are some guidelines to follow to ensure you properly care for your hair.

1. Shampooing directly onto the scalp.

In order to save time, some people pour the shampoo directly on their head when washing hair. This method can cause harm to the scalp because of the chemical agents contained within the shampoo can irritate the scalp. The correct washing method should be to pour the shampoo in the palm, rub it till bubbles are formed. Then apply the shampoo onto the hair.

2. Scratching the scalp with fingernails.

If your scalp itches, using your fingers to scratch your scalp can feel very comfortable. However, if your nails are too sharp, it can easily cause harm to your scalp. The bacteria may cause scalp inflammation and hair loss phenomenon. Even if your scalp doesn’t hurt, the nails stimulate hair follicles which can cause the secretion of follicle oil to increase. The correct way is to use your finger to gently rub your scalp and hair. This is also conducive to hair growth.

3. Washing time is too short

When you wash your hair, you only clean effectively when the shampoo foam has contact with your scalp. If the cleaning time is too short and you are unable to clean the scalp, it can cause the scalp to become dry and itchy and even cause hair loss. It is wrong to only wash your hair but not clean the scalp.

4. Using hair conditioner as shampoo

The ingredients of hair conditioner and shampoo are different and they have different functions. Hair conditioner should not come into contact with your scalp, otherwise, it may hurt the scalp. You should apply the hair conditioner on the tail of the hair, rub a little while and wash it off. If you make the conditioner contact with the scalp occasionally, you should wash it off quickly.

5. The hair conditioner is not cleaned completely

Many people think that the longer the hair conditioner stays on your hair, the more nutrition your hair can absorb. Indeed, this is wrong. It is better to keep hair conditioner on your hair for less than 10 minutes. If you apply the conditioner for longer, the hair conditioner may stick on the hair. This can damage hair keratin which can cause hair discolouration, and even cause hair loss.

Follow these guidelines to minimise your chances of hair loss. If you suffer hair loss, you may seek a hair extension such as micro loop hair extensions and pre bonded hair extensions.

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Why do you get oily hair? How do you prevent hair from getting oily?

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Many people may have the same question as to why the hair often becomes oily. Especially in summer, the problem becomes much worse.  The secretion of oil from the scalp is normal, but it will be a problem if there is too much oil. If you wear hair extensions (micro loop hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions and so on), you need to pay more attention to this issue, as oil may cause the hair extensions to become dry easily. What cause of greasy hair? Below we have listed the main causes so you can help prevent your hair from getting greasy.

1. Washing too often causes more secretion of oil

Your scalp will secrete oil if you don’t wash hair for a long period of time. On the other hand, the scalp will secrete oil if we wash head too often. The sebum secretes oil according to the feedback it receives. If you wash head and clean the oil too often, the sebum receives the information that there is a ‘lack of oil’, causing it to secrete more oil. As a result, your hair will become greasy if you wash hair too often.

Resolution: You are better washing your hair once every 2 days, making sure you clean your head thoroughly every time. Only wash the scalp at the first time, then wash and clean the scalp, then proceed to wash the hair.

2. Using the wrong Shampoo.

Some shampoos which focus on moisturising may not provide the deep clean that the hair needs.  If you keep using only moisturising shampoo for a long time, it may not be good for your hair health.

Resolution:  Most shampoo products contain silicon. Silicon is a sealant often add in a variety of hair care products. The problem with silicon is that it can prevent other hair care products from cleaning your hair, which may cause greasy hair and hair loss.  If you have greasy hair, you are better choosing a shampoo without silicone or shampoo made of plant extract which can control oil secretion.

3. Using too many chemical products.

Using hair styling products such as hair gel and hairspray isolate your hair strands from the air. This can make your hair more oily.

Resolution: If you already suffer from greasy hair, you should limit the use of chemical products. If you have to use it, please wash your hair thoroughly before go to bed.