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How to Make Your Hair Soft and Smooth?

1. Shampoo

Ingredients in shampoo can help to form a protective film on the surface of the hair, which can make the hair easier and smoother to brush. However, you should be careful not to shampoo too often. Your body produces natural oils that help soften your hair and repeatedly shampooing your hair will remove these oils.  People with curly hair don’t need to shampoo as often because it’s harder for curly hair to maintain natural oils that can be removed by shampooing. If you have dry or curly hair, try skipping days that you would usually wash your hair to help it become softer.  Continue reading How to Make Your Hair Soft and Smooth?

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how to care your hair after being straightening?

how t care your hair after being straightening?

1, Eating a spoon of black sesame every morning and evening is helpful for hair care.  Some people with poor hair may suffer a problem of kidney or blood as well. This is because the kidney and blood are key to the health of the hair. Some people say kidney is the root of the hair. Eating some black foods are good to kidney (such as black fungus). Furthermore, if you want to make sure you get enough blood supply, you may need to eat some foods such as red dates, kelp, cherry and so on) . As a result f this, you start to get healthy hair from inside.

2, protein is very important nutrition for the growth of the hair. Fish, egg, milk contain plenty of protein, which is not only good to human body but also hair.

3,  brush hair frequently is very good to care your hair. Brushing hair can accelerate the circulation of blood flow of the scalp  to bring more nutrition to hair follicle, increase the vitality of the scalp and hair follicle. It also help to keep away from senile dementia and keep the brain work actively.  What we should remind here is that people who suffer insomnia at bedtime should avoid to brush hair before go to bed, as brushing hair can make the cerebral cortex excited, which may lead to hard to sleep. It is better to brush hair 2 hours before go to bed. 200 times is enough each time.

4, massaging the scalp with the finger on the scalp can promote scalp blood circulation. It also can make sure the hair follicle is supplied with enough nutrition. Beside these, it make the scalp relax, which help the hair grow naturally.

If you wear micro loop hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions, you had better not to straighten it with high temperature. High temperature may cause hair become dry easily.

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Do yo know prolonged use of a computer or a hat may cause hair loss?

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time is one of the main cause of hair loss.

Surfing the Internet and playing games has become a part of the main factors of male hair loss. 512 bald men were investigated by Huashan Hospital.  The results showed that the genetic, oily scalp, insomnia, smoking is the major risk factors lead to hair loss. Among them, surfing the Internet and playing games for long time have more influence on male hair loss than the spirit of tension, the frequency of washing hair, hair quality. The male who sit in front of the computer longer daily is easier to suffer hair loss.

Experts found that long-term access to the Internet and playing games is easy to fatigue.  It leads to the central nervous system in long-term tension, autonomic disorders, skin vasomotor dysfunction and  vasoconstriction of the scalp of local blood supply is reduced, resulting in hair follicle malnutrition.

Wearing a hat long time or frequently may cause hair loss easily

Wearing a hat all day will oppress the blood vessels of the scalp, affecting blood circulation. Especially in summer, hats impede ventilation, easy to make hair loss; excessive drinking, often drinking carbonated beverages will stimulate the stomach. Thus affecting protein digestion and absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, wine contains preservatives also have a negative impact on the excessive hair. Over- exercise will cause hair become soft and cause hair loss; long time in the air conditioning room, can cause increased dandruff and hair loss.

Doctor Wang has a lot of admissions for wearing a hat “wrong way”, which leads to hair loss exacerbations. Therefore, Doctor Wang suggested, alopecia patients try not to wear a hat.
Hat oppression will influence the blood circulation of the head, make the hair  not ‘breathable’ for long time. Especially the pores muscle of the hair under a hat oppression is easy to under relaxation and more likely to cause hair loss. Some people try to hide the embarrassment of hair loss by wearing a hat. In the contrary,  long-term wearing hats  will be self defeating and  accelerate the hair loss. So alopecia people had better not to use the hat. If necessary, may choose a hat which is a little bigger than the head to give hair more space to ‘breath’ and or make the hat ventilation, such as cushion hollow hat lining or holes increase.

Smoking maybe a factor of causing hair loss as well.

In addition, smoking is also one of the risk factors for hair loss. Experts found that nearly 70% of people who have hair loss smoke. However, which kind of harmful substances play a role in destruction need to be make further researches.

Many people choose micro loop hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions to change their appearance, you had better not to use hair extensions if you suffer hair loss.

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Do you really know how to choose a good comb?

good comb

everyone need to use the comb to brush hair every day. Do you know how to choose the combs? Which kind of combs is good to your hair, even fro hair extensions such as micro loop hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions? How to choose a good comb? When more and more people suffer hair loss, people realize that a good comb become more important. The main ingredient of hair is keratoprotein. A good comb can help to maintain the keratoprotein. If you want to protect the hair to avoid any damage on it, it may be worthy to choose a good comb. How to choose a good comb? What is a good comb?

The material used is a important fact to identify a good comb. In general, natural horny can not cause too much friction and don’t damage the hair. Also it can not cause static electricity. In the contrary, some materials such as plastic, may cause strong friction and static electricity. Furthermore, comb tooth is also important to choose the comb. If the tooth is smooth, it reduce the damage caused by friction. For example, you can feel the roughness of a poor quality comb. Using this kind of comb is to damage the hair, instead to protect. Therefore, it is important to choose a comb with smooth teeth. By the way, the wide-tooth comb is suitable to brush the long hair; the thin-tooth is suitable to be used to brush hair into hair style.

1, Horn Comb

Good horn comb feel cool and smooth and cause very little friction with the hair. It can not cause hair frizzy regardless of how many times you brush your hair.  You can use horn comb to brush your hair from front to back every morning and evening, gently touching the scalp several times. using horn comb help to simulate the circulation of blood flow and avoid the appearance of grey hair and hair loss.

2, The anion comb

There is an built-in anion generator inside the comb, When you brush the hair, the anion generator device will be opened. It will help to reduce the static electricity and make the hair smooth effectively. Especially when the hair is nearly dry, using anion comb will have a better effect.

3, wooden comb

The advantage of the wooden comb is that it does not cause static electricity and stretch the hair. It also can help to accelerate the circumstance of blood flow in the scalp. the wooden comb is good to use for a long period.

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The secret to keep away hair bifurcation

deep wave pre bonded hair extensions chocolate brown

1, Massage to relax the scalp to avoid hair bifurcation

It is important to wash the scalp first when you wash your head. You had better to use the shampoo with balanced PH. Scratch the scalp gently to remove the impurities on it. Also, you may massage the scalp slightly to make the head relax fully. This will help you to keep away from hair bifurcation.  Continue reading The secret to keep away hair bifurcation

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What to do if you Suffer from Hair Bifurcation?

hair bifurcation

Hair bifurcation is a big problem for some women. Lack of nutrition, excess heat and dyeing hair frequently are some of the main causes of hair bifurcation. Simply cutting off the bifurcated hair is not a solution to the problem. Let’s discuss the causes and how to treat it properly to help your hair look beautiful.  Continue reading What to do if you Suffer from Hair Bifurcation?